A good investment is based not only on a good purchase but also on a good sale.

Selling a diamond may be quite a complex operation for non-specialists, especially if the stone value is considerable.
For this reason Diamondsellers undertakes to disinvest the stones purchased by its customers
either by re-selling them through its own channels at the best market price
or by re-purchasing them directly and immediately (within 3 days of the offer) at the market price and always on the basis of the Rapaport list.

Let us remind you that the Rapaport is the diamond list used by all specialists and is published weekly.

We offer this service not only for small stones - which are quite easy to renegotiate on the market - but also for high-value stones which in spite of being far more difficult to sell are definitely more profitable.

It is very important to emphasize that the most profitable kind of investment in diamonds is the middle- and long-term investment, as diamonds are safe-haven assets par excellence.