Why invest in diamonds?

- Investing in diamonds is not a speculative operation, but rather a way to protect your assets from depreciation: this is why it is a middle- and long-term investment. A minimum duration of 5 years is advisable. Such operations are protected against speculation for the price is set by a monopoly which once a month decides what and how much should be released on the market to a very restricted number of prestigious international buyers irrespective of the quantity mined.

- Diamonds are a safe investment with a relatively stable value constantly on the rise.
Their price is set to increase naturally, also because of the progressive decrease in production.

- They are tangible assets. In fact, diamonds are put on the market only “physically”.

- They are protected against any risk related to possible political and economic crisis. While bonds and shares may become worthless paper and the sale of real estate is likely to become quite a difficult operation, diamonds definitely offer the certainty of immediate sale.

- Diamonds are holder assets. They represent the biggest value occupying the smallest space. They are very easy to keep and carry and thanks to their Certificate of free circulation can be sold everywhere, whereas a quantity of gold of equal value involves far more storage space and weight. In fact gold is negotiated even if the physical asset is actually not owned through financial products which however create speculation and make the market quite volatile.

- They are not subject to taxation. They are neither subject to taxation on the added value nor to legal succession taxes .

- They allow investors and their heirs to remain anonymous.

- They are typically “enjoyable” products. Unlike gold, which after having been worked up and resold is considered as a leftover (fusion gold), diamonds can be inserted into a jewel without losing any of their inner value.

- Diamonds are internationally listed and their value can be verified anytime through the international list (Rapaport Diamond Report) and the specialist press ( e.g. the Italian newspaper “Il Sole 24 ore” and “Milano Finanza”).
The Rapaport prices represent diamonds trading prices on the New York Stock Exchange, they are expressed in US dollars, and recognised and used worldwide.

- Diamonds are an ethical investment. Diamondsellers offers only “conflict free” diamonds, which means that they purchased only from lawful and authorized sources which are not involved in financing war conflicts and in full compliance with the UN resolutions.